Social distancing is not enough

bendthecurve. #shelterinplace. #socialdistancingisnotenough “When a healthcare system gets overwhelmed, death rate goes up from something like 0.9% (Korea) to something like 3-4% (Hubei, parts of Lombardy).” “Italy death rate, worst is yet to come (lags case rate)” “US case count will exceed Italy’s in 5 days time” London and US (NY, Louisiana, Florida) still at 35pct daily increase due to...

Consolidated Coronavirus Links

Here’s all the best links I’ve found. DATA VISUALIZATION INFORMATION

Solve the Mask shortage

No, cotton masks aren’t as good as N95 masks, but they are much better than nothing if N95s aren’t available. Some Healthcare providers are accepting these. Could be used in the community too. Even imperfect barriers are better than nothing. Save the N95s for the sick and healthcare workers. And make cotton ones for when we run out 🙁 Here’s...

Slow the Coronavirus spread thru lock down or testing

Both Italy and South Korea were able to “bend the curve” of case rise from 35pct growth to 11pct growth, by different methods. Lesson: country-wide action (lock down or test everyone) is required to slow the spread and avoid overwhelming hospitals. Lesson: must be sustained for many weeks (it took China 3 months).

Coronavirus: Educate yourself by listening to experts

Resource #1. Resource #2. Resource #3. Really interesting thread on reddit right now in r/askscience discussing the Spanish flu and coronavirus. The Spanish flu is thought to have jumped from horses to people when 1M horses were shipped from US to Europe for WW1. The Spanish flu is thought to have killed more than 15M people. “The initial...