Live webcams of the World

A few interesting live webcams of the world. But as you and I know, this barely scratches the surface of live Webcam-ery on YouTube… Live Tour Around the World Webcams – with Lite Jazz Music (Boston and Maine Live). Shows location of Webcam on mini map in the lower right corner of the screen. Rolling Cam World – live Webcam...

Bergen Line and Flam Railway – YouTube

A fascinating “live” cab view of the Bergen Line and Flam Railway in Norway, in the winter. Many tunnels and stunning mountain vistas. Surprisingly addictive! If you like Country House Gent’s Narrowboat videos you will like this (no locks though lol). Winter Cab View from two of the most SCENIC RAILWAYS

CPK San Diego

It was a madhouse at California Pizza Kitchen. We watched them servicing several dozen meal tickets, and not very well. They started staging empty pizza boxes on the bar right in front of our plates. And just as a bunch of pizzas would come out of the oven, the gal manning the pizza boxing would disappear and new workers would...


Sometimes it’s nice to have a quiet cup of coffee by yourself. But now that we have our own espresso maker, it’s difficult to find a good Macchiato on the road.

Salty’s Alki Beach (Seattle)

Salty’s is one of my longtime favorite restaurants ever since my Oregon business trips back in the 90’s/00’s. Thus, we were excited to try the Salty’s Alki Beach location. We were extremely fortunate to snag a reservation by phone after OpenTable showed us nothing for days. Next time I will book Seattle restaurants 2 weeks out. Maybe more than that....

Locks Cruise (Seattle)

Shout out for the Argosy Locks Cruise in Seattle! The day we went the tide was extremely low so the rise in the Lock was more than 20 feet. There was only room for the tour boat in the small lock – 6inch clearance on either side. I guess locks have become much more interesting to us since we started...


Spending a relaxing day changing passwords. Why would someone hack my Facebook account then delete it? Makes no sense.