Slow the Coronavirus spread thru lock down or testing

Both Italy and South Korea were able to “bend the curve” of case rise from 35pct growth to 11pct growth, by different methods. Lesson: country-wide action (lock down or test everyone) is required to slow the spread and avoid overwhelming hospitals. Lesson: must be sustained for many weeks (it took China 3 months).

Coronavirus: Educate yourself by listening to experts

Resource #1. Resource #2. Resource #3. Really interesting thread on reddit right now in r/askscience discussing the Spanish flu and coronavirus. The Spanish flu is thought to have jumped from horses to people when 1M horses were shipped from US to Europe for WW1. The Spanish flu is thought to have killed more than 15M people. “The initial...

Meze Greek Fusion (Gaslamp San Diego)

Another very satisfying meal at Meze 8n the late afternoon. We’ve gotten in the habit of late breakfast and early dinner giving plenty of hobby time before bed. Greek meatballs with lots of cumin seed. Red pepper hummus. And flaming shrimp and saganaki cheese!

Jaleo, Disney Springs

We have been fortunate enough to have visited Spain several times and have become big fans of Spanish food. One of our favorite Spanish restaurants in the US is Jaleo. We love the Las Vegas location in the Cosmopolitan, and tonight we visited the location in Walt Disney World in the Disney Springs shopping center. Spanish food is still a...