I Double Dough Dare You (Pizza Rev, Scripps Ranch)

At our last visit to Pizza Rev, after we landed at LAX on our return from Madrid, they had us fill out a marketing questionnaire on a tablet. I think I said I wanted more toppings on my pizza. In any case, it seems that Pizza Rev is listening because today's visit revealed some changes for the better.

They are now offering the option of thicker dough (double dough) which turns Pizza Rev into actual pizza rather than the wafer thin pizza-cracker of old. Because of the additional mass, the pizza now comes to the table blazing hot and takes awhile to cool down. And we could barely finish half our pizzas. They seem to be putting more cheese on the pizzas as well. And the new Sriracha sausage is delicious. AND they have not raised prices. Still $8.35 a pizza. Pizza Rev, this is progress!

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