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We finally saw Itchy the Hedgehog tonight. At least i think that’s his name, something must live in Itchy’s hut. He eats in the early morning only. And the badger came out to eat the corn strewn on the ground. The deer were also out. A tiny flying squirrel came out too. His body was so tiny, I only spied him by seeing his 2 tiny eyes illuminated brightly by the black lights. The raptors have a tough life. The wind is strong in their tall nests. How can you sleep when the wind is ruffling your feathers all night? There are 3 osprey siblings but I’ve only seen 2 lately.

The Mississippi Lock & Dam (Keokuk) is very active. Lots of barges go thru between 9p and midnight PST so there’s always something for us West Coast-ers to watch.

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