In the News 2021/08/04

– Can we stop beating up Simone Biles now?

– Before the NY AG report, Andrew Cuomo long claimed to be a champion against sexual harassment and attacked GOP politicians for staying silent

– Russian officials to investigate possible consequences to flipping space station

This seems ripe for conspiracy theories. This is Russia’s last piece before they start working with China on joint space operations. In a dark way (conspiracy theorists way), it makes sense for them to try to damage or reduce the life span of the ISS to direct focus and awe onto their new endeavor. I wouldn’t put it past Putin.”

– NBC Olympics ratings in free fall

How could this be? Maybe because its so damned hard to find the event content you’re looking for. We subscribed to Peacock, NBC, and Fubo and navigating their interface has been a depressing nightmare that makes the Olympics seem boring and has crushed any desire we might have had to attend the Summer Olympics (we are big winter Olympics fans). Coupled with the graft and corruption of the Olympics juggernaut, what relevance does this have in the face of pandemics and other crises desperately needing our time and resources?

– And as we start ever so gingerly to travel more, wont it be worth it to end up at a place named Weenies Charbroil?

Because the alternative seems to be to stay home and watch more TV, like Cooking with Paris:

Is this what Vonnegut meant when he said “being good at things isn’t the point of doing them”?

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