Coronavirus: Educate yourself by listening to experts

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Resource #3. Really interesting thread on reddit right now in r/askscience discussing the Spanish flu and coronavirus.

  • The Spanish flu is thought to have jumped from horses to people when 1M horses were shipped from US to Europe for WW1. The Spanish flu is thought to have killed more than 15M people. “The initial jump of zoonotic diseases is poorly understood. Either way the recipe is the same: new animals intermingling with each other, humans intermingling with animals (particularly humans who didn’t normally encounter that animal), and numbers above all else. The more animals and humans mingling, the larger the reservoirs that give rise to potential new mutations and new infection events.”
  • There’s apparently two strains of Corona, S and L. Some believe L is what’s causing higher fatality rate in Italy. And that the guy who was “cured” of Corona in China and then caught it again and died, may have gotten S then L
  • Zika burned out once herd immunity built up. But there’s 2 paths to that: immunization, or wait for everyone to get exposed (with the pain, suffering, and death rate that entails).
  • I went thru whooping cough myself. It is NOT just another cold virus. I had to absent myself from public life (work) for over a month. In that sense similar to Corona. It would be devastating to community and business if substantial #s of ppl had whooping cough. This is why we vaccinate
  • I’m going to ask for quadrivalent flu vaccine from now on (2 A strains and 2 B strains cause most flu regardless which subset is forecast that year)

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