Memories of Rivoire (Florence, IT)

Espresso, barely sweetened whipped cream, and finely chopped nuts. Life doesn’t have to be any more complicated than this.

“Rivoire Hours: Tue-Sun 8am-Midnight; Address: Piazza delle Signoria 5R, historical center of Florence.

Also ranked favorably on
Tripadvisor, Rivoire is a Florentine tradition for all things chocolate and considered by many the BEST in town. I personally don’t hold that opinion, because it is hard to pick a best, but it is for sure one of the most consistent venues in terms of quality, tradition and sheer chocolate joy. I find it very hard, and at times a gamble, to indulge in any sort of food, coffee or dessert in the piazzas located blatantly in the historical like Piazza della Signoria, but Rivoire is where you can place your bet safely and enjoyably. If you’re craving goes beyond just chocolate, you can grab a dessert cocktail instead. Why not have it all? The service is a bit on the posh side and you are guaranteed to enjoy one of the most elegant hot chocolates- perhaps after a Sunday afternoon passeggiata in the historical center.

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