Ito En Jasmine Tea

Tea in America is still such an underground thing. Oh, you drink tea? Yeah, so do I! Kinda like having a tattoo or something. Of course in the Asian subculture in America, tea is everything and everywhere. I started drinking a lot of tea after we took a trip to Japan. We were getting lots of drinks from the vending machines, cold teas and hot coffees, and we drank so many different kinds of teas. Barley, green, oolong, and best of all as far as I was concerned, Jasmine green. That amazing floral taste that balances the bitterness of the tea.

Now, I order this from Amazon, 2 cases of 12 bottles each, delivered every month.

Over the last few years we have also discovered Taiwanese milk tea. In America its marketed typically as Boba. But I’m not a fan of Boba pearls so I just get the milk tea. Already a tea fan, and a fan of milk in coffee, the strong tea flavor was really appealing. And just a few months ago I discovered Jasmine Green milk tea… Which really blew my mind. Flowers… Tea… And milk. Who knew it was one of the world’s greatest hits?

You gotta find a place that actually brews tea tho, lots of places use tea powders which, like instant coffee, is highly unsatisfying and not recommended. So in San Diego, you can start at one of these places:

Tea Station (especially if you are a Rob Schneider fan, look at their menu, lol)

Boba Bar


Boba Time

Also figure out out how much sugar you want. Most milk teas are way beyond sweet. I normally get 75pct sweet, sometimes 50pct.

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