Yosemite rock fall

Incredible pictures of the 2nd rock fall at El Capitan in the AP article. So sad that someone died. Apparently about 80 rock falls a year occur but normally without fatalities. Check out all the photos. http://www.apnewsarchive.com/2017/It-happens-about-80-times-a-year-rocks-break-loose-and-crash-down-along-the-climbing-routes-at-California-s-Yosemite-National-Park-but-two-days-of-cracking-has-killed-1-injured-2/id-db78cb3511904dad8acfc181f197548e


One of our favorite places in the world, the features of Yosemite Valley like El Capitan and Half Dome envelop the viewer visually on all sides, so that the scope and size of the valley is inescapable. Yellowstone is much larger yet you can’t get that sense from standing on a plain in the middle of a forest. Only in the fishbowl of the valley can you appreciate the scale of whats around you.


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