Quilt making

I had to stabilize some of the pieces as they were either loose weave or pieced-together loose weaves. I ironed some lightweight interfacing onto the back, so the pieces wouldn’t separate during the quilt handling. I will need to do some more darning back and forth later.


Laying out the backing, face down. The backing is 2 45″ widths sewn together. The quilt itself is 88-90″ wide so I may have to add some strips to the edge later in order to finish the self border. The quilt top is a bit wider at the bottom. No quilt top is perfectly square. And this top is essentially made on the bias, so even more chance to not be square.

Laying the batting on top.


This is an old 15-20 year old poly batt, 3/8″ thick. I couldn’t imagine it had degraded in that time. And it still feels the same as a new batt. The internet said to let the batting relax for a few days after unfolding it. But who is patient enough for that??

The top laid out on top of the batt and backing. I trimmed the 120×120″ batting down to make it more manageable.


And now the pinning is done.


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