Fuji Grill (Brea)

Fuji Grill, sadly, is one of a kind. They are the only place I know of in Southern California that serves Spicy Ahi Bowls – crushed sushi-grade Ahi mixed with spicy chili sauce and served over sushi rice. We fell in love with this in Hawaii (thank you Ninja Sushi in Oahu) and Fuji Grill's is just as good as theirs. Today the rice had just the right chewiness and just the right vinegar tang (as all good sushi rice has). We all agreed it was extra yummy. DD Samantha tried to down a chicken Udon and a bowl of rice, but was ultimately defeated. Her growth spurt must have ended.
Service is awesome too – and they remember their repeat customers!

Fuji Grill
Brea and Imperial Ave, Brea, CA

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