MH370, smoking gun

I traveled extensively in a previous life and I get obsessed with airline disasters as kind of a survivors guilt thing. The disappearance of MH370 on the Indian Ocean has held my interest for some time. As the article says, this disaster, and the fact that they haven’t been able to find the plane, is inconceivable. However the following fact seems to point to this being a deliberate act. The only remaining question is why…

“… more detail about a crew member’s flight simulator that contained a route similar to the one investigators think the missing plane took.

The route was found on the home flight simulator of MH370’s pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah. In a session from six weeks before MH370’s disappearance, the simulator was used to recreate the flight of a Boeing 777-200LR, a similar model to the aircraft that was lost. The simulated path took the aircraft from Kuala Lumpur, north of Indonesia, and then south into the southern Indian Ocean. The simulated plane was flown until it ran out of fuel. ”

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