New lifestyle

Now that I’m on Planet Diabetes, I’m learning the rules of Metformin.

– Ramp up Metformin slowly. I’m only taking half a pill to start. This kept the famous side effects minimal.
– Limit carbs – Metformin doesn’t like carbs. I feel logy, gross, and nauseous if I have too much bread.
– Eat smaller, more frequent meals. There’s less blood sugar in my system, so it doesn’t spike, but between meals it drops, so I can’t go too long without eating, else I start to feel all empty and hypoglycemic.

I needed a small meal tonight since I forgot to take my pill at dinner. Found a beautiful little food stand at the Phoenix airport serving hummus and veggies, prosciutto cheese and olives, and chicken ceaser salad. The Salad, with some Sahale Snacks Valdosta Pecans on top, made for a very satisfying midnight snack in the hotel room. And it is indeed midnight.


Hilton Phoenix Airport

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