Yosemite Falls, full and glorious

Two years ago, in August, the falls were completely dry. But after this year’s big winter, the falls were really full as they used to be before the drought. The sound of falling water was deafening and the mist made you put on your rain jacket. It must have been 10 degrees colder on the bridge due to the humidity. Swarms of tourists with selfie sticks braved the cold. Samantha even put on her hat.
We were unable to do our traditional hike to the pool at the base of the Lower Falls (traditional only because the drought has been so long lasting) but you can see it was physically impossible this time. We could see the huge water splashing back out of the pool as the waterfall pounded it. The Rangers put up a helpful sign illustrating the broken bones people have suffered on the boulders below the falls – broken legs knees and skulls.
In Japan many temples are set in forested areas like Meiji Jingu perhaps due to their nature-worshipping Shinto heritage. Yosemite Falls exudes that same kind of natural power and awesomeness. Don’t miss seeing this impressive temple of nature.

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