One Paseo (Del Mar)

The coolest thing by far at One Paseo is this enormous tree trunk for the kids to play on. Other than its a mall trying desperately to draw in Millenials and hipsters.  

Din Tai Fung (UTC, San Diego)

There’s a sizeable number of of “meh” reviews of Din Tai Fung on Google Maps, and I think the reason why is that folks don’t realize just how good these dumplings are. Go eat dumplings somewhere else (and you should), like Tasty Noodle House or Dumpling Inn, then come back here. You’ll then be able to better appreciate the fineness...

New York eating 2019

Natsumi Japanese restaurant. On Times Square and only 2 dollar signs which was shocking but then perhaps unsurprisingly the food was below average. Xi’an Fine Foods. Consistently excellent. I still enjoyed my #9 Pork Zha Jiang noodles. The noodles are definitely on the thicker side, I wish they were thinner. But the ground pork in its spicy sauce was outstanding....

Peter Luger (Brooklyn, NYC)

Waiter: “Well done,” he says dubiously. A little louder: “Well done.” “Yes.” I say to the waiter. “Well done.” I try a different angle. “We have a bit of a dilemma, I want it well done and he wants it medium.” “Well why don’t you get a steak for 2, medium, and a single steak well done?” “We’ll think about...

Google, Alexa And Siri Warning: Millions At Risk From Nasty New Scam Calls “The Better Business Bureau warns that even seemingly legitimate, familiar businesses can be drawn into this voice assistant scam. “You need the phone number for a company, so you ask your home’s smart device to find and dial it for you. But when the company’s ‘representative’ answers— it turns out the ‘representative’ isn’t from the company at all.” If...

You must see Hadestown

Winner of the 2019 Tony for Best Musical. This is what musical theater is all about. Acting (amazing acting), singing (amazing singing) and music to tell an ancient tale. Not a gimmick nor a remake. Andre de Shields has the audience in the palm of his hand before he crosses the stage for the first time.

The Mustang

And then after you watch the horsey movies in my last post, you’ve gotta see The Mustang. Powerful performances.