SpaceX Falcon launch on Saturday Here’s the Reddit r/SpaceX page talking about how to watch launches: I thought about driving out to Vandenberg this weekend to see the launch but it seems the sight lines for launch site SLC-4E are not that good. Might be just as good to find a hill in San Diego.

Pollo Loco plates

For your mini restaurant experience…a mini Chicken enchilada platter with rice and beans. We love Pollo Loco. Their chicken is so tasty and delicious. What is in it??

ZEN Modern Asian Bistro

Why ZEN? Best Kung Pao Chicken in San Diego. Tons of chicken and peanuts, not too many onions. Classic dry, red sauce that is not goopy. Spicy wontons – meaty pork with no spongy fillers. Steamed fresh spinach. Chicken Udon soup. ZEN Modern Asian Bistro 13510 Sabre Springs Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92128 (858) 216-1068

Pacific Poke (Mira Mesa)

I love Pacific Poke’s fresh fish, and spot-on, perfectly seasoned sushi rice. The subtle vinegar-sugar flavor is addictive and complements the fish so well. The rice is never too dry or too mushy. Can you tell I love their rice?? Today I got a Medium: 3 scoops, one scoop each of Spicy Ahi (cubes in rooster/mayo sauce), Spicy Tuna (mashed),...

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch, and more

Watch these and tell me it doesn’t make you want to be an engineer! SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch (with cheering) … And successful landing of the 2 Booster Rockets. This is really the most important part – the ability to reuse the Rockets. How NOT to land an Orbital Rocket Booster (with classic blooper music) Engineering mistakes are awesome, you...

Apple Investors Warn iPhones and Other Technology May Be Hurting Children

Apple Investors Warn iPhones and Other Technology May Be Hurting Children “The solution, they argued, is not to banish such devices from children’s hands, but to help parents help them understand how to use technology with care. To achieve that goal, they said, Apple should form a committee of experts, fund research, improve parental controls in its products, educate...