Test: survive one day in LA using only Samsung Pay

Test: Forget your wallet at home and use only your phone, equipped with Samsung Pay, to support yourself from 9am to 5pm.

Result: fail

1) Poke place gave a “gateway error” 4x in a row. Could not pay at a POP that was otherwise known to be compatible; eventually got my lunch for free, as I was holding up the line.

2) Starbucks had a reader on the POP terminal. In my experience, these typically don’t work with Samsung Pay. This is major fail for a business catering to Millenials. Luckily I had 5 bucks on my Starbucks card.

3) could not get cash at Ralph’s as the card linked to my Samsung Pay is not also a Debit card.

In my experience, the card readers at many fast casual eateries simply aren’t compatible, even though Samsung Pay spoofs the card swipe thru the reader meaning “any” card reader should work. The older readers typically don’t work with SP and newer readers aren’t always compatible or reliable. And some fast casual eateries have card readers on the POS terminal where it’s awkward to give your phone to the clerk to pay (looking at you Luna Grill).

Now, if you are able to make a meal from major grocery stores, drug stores, Trader Joe’s, then you’re in luck…

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