Quilt update

I discarded the dark green block and made two more in mid to light tones. Now I have tan, lavender, green, and blue blocks:

When sewn together, they look like this:

Now we’re ready to add the borders to the top. The blocks above will be used in very corners.

And again through the magic of PhotoGrid I can visualize the finished effect:

Of course the center will be much more colorful as there are 63 total blocks in the quilt.

The overall effect looks almost Amish in tone. I love how the darker border sets off the light toned middle. It’s so hard to visualize this beforehand. When I was buying the border fabric, this is the mockup I was working with, which looked a bit different.

Still feel like I’m going in the right direction design-wise.

Time to stop sewing since I’m in the room right next to my 15 year old who is supposed to be sleeping, not listening to my sewing machine and my country music mix!

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