Corner squares

Playing with some corner blocks for the quilt. The lighter ones for the inner lighter border, the darker blocks for the darker outer border corners.

But the little chicks were just the right size to fit inside the 1″ squares.

So were the bees in this block:

These light colored blocks are a challenge for me as I feel more comfortable with dark, deep hues. And then to have to pick five that go together. The large print fabric in the middle is probably not the best choice as the pattern is much larger than the 1″ patch.

The other challenge is that the borders are 3.5″and 4.5″ finished width and therefore won’t match these 5″ finished blocks. Oops, just realized that the light blocks, which are 5″ finished, need to be 3.5″ finished. I could just center the block but then the outer row will be made up of rectangles not squares. Ugh. Back to the drawing board.

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