Knitting cables

This is my first try with knitting cables. At first I tried to do it without a cable needle but it was difficult to cleanly pick up the loops with this fuzzy yarn and those little loops made by the missed strands just stand out too much.

I don’t have an actual cable needle so I am using an extra knitting needle. I find it convenient to just let that needle fall onto my lap after I put the 2 stitches back on the main needle. But since it’s another long circular needle it’s easy to grab that 24″ long thing next time.

I’m also switching yarns without breaking yarn so you can see the other (multicolor) yarn still attached to the other edge of my work. This only works if you alternate colors in paired rows (change colors after 2, 4, 6, etc rows) so the yarn can just travel up the side. I’ll be adding ribbing to the 3rd and 4th edges at the end so that will hide the traveling yarn segments. Supposedly!

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