Fangirling Reylo, and more

“Snoke only serves to show us what happens to those who don’t respect the power that Kylo Ren holds; who brush him off as a kid dealing with a bout of idol worship. Luke said it himself when he told Rey that Kylo Ren’s power didn’t scare him enough – Snoke didn’t respect the power within Kylo Ren, instead viewing him as a puppet to be controlled – and he paid the ultimate price.”

“The nature of Rey’s feelings for Kylo at the beginning of The Last Jedi are perfectly clear: she thinks he’s a monster. In fact, during their first Force connection chat, she actually calls him a monster to his face before trying to shoot him with her blaster. Let’s call this the disastrous first date after which Rey swears she’ll never answer another one of Kylo’s Force calls ever again. But then there’s the second date, and Rey can’t deny that something is bringing them together. It’s the classic dilemma: girl meets boy, determines that boy is bad for her, tries to stay away, but keeps coming back for more.”

“Do Kylo and Hux really hate each other … or just hate how much they love each other? “

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