Urban Plates (Del Mar)

Urban Plates continues to be a popular place in this mall. By the time we were seated with our food at 630, the line was out the door.

This place has 4 types of entrees: salads (many with meat), sandwiches, meats, and pizza. We’ve never made it past the meats because they look so good. Tonight they had roast chicken, Steak, seared Ahi, and baked Salmon. Their sides are served out of large Grandma-type enamel ware pots and also are very enticing in their variety. We picked from roasted carrots, broccolini, mashed potatoes, Mac & cheese, Brussel sprouts, and rosemary potatoes, and sweet potatoes.
The bread side is a generous slice from an airy crispy loaf.

The sides we picked are pretty self explanatory from the pictures…



These are pretty traditional American eats, all well cooked, and i enjoyed them more than I thought I would. As you know we tend towards Thai, Mexican, Vietnamese, and sushi. But every once in a while it’s nice to eat at Grandma’s!

Go if:
– you’re hankering for some home cooking but with great wine
– you’ve got your jacket – interior gets breezy
– you want some nice steak or chicken and don’t want to pay for Outback steakhouse

Don’t go if:
– you’re seeking quiet
– you hate crowds

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