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Chinese Crepes (Jian Bing). Forget those little french crepes and their cute little spreader rakes. In China they do it BIG. Then put egg, green onion, brown sauce, and crunchy wontons inside! Looks yummy. I am sorry we haven’t run into this in China yet!
jianbing (huuuuge crepe. watch him crack a raw egg on top and spread it in a thin layer on the crepe) (this lady’s grill is affixed to her bicycle) (this guy uses an old wooden board to spread the dough on the grill. Is it … clean? Maybe this isn’t Jianbing?)

Somewhere in the Middle East they are doing it really big. I mean, really really big. I mean, yuuuuge!! How big of a crepe could you make if you had 50 guys to help you?
baklava (I think this is world’s largest baklava. The last 10 minutes are the most interesting when 15 guys put the enormous tray into an enormous oven!)

And if you’ve ever wanted to know how they make rectangular eggs in those rectangular Japanese omelet pans, here you go!

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