How to make Milk Tea at home

I researched tea on Amazon and came across the Lipton Yellow Label which got incredibly positive reviews. It is packaged for Europe or the Middle East and comes as very fine balls of tea that look almost like ground coffee. When i took the box out of the shipping wrapper I could smell the aroma immediately. The tea releases a ton of flavor, in fact I could probably cut down on the amount I used above. It tastes just like the Milk Tea we get in the Taiwanese tea shops with that characteristic “woody” or floral overtone. Just like the Amazon reviews said, tea from an American grocery just doesn’t compare.

Milk Tea also calls for condensed milk but I didn’t have any and I wanted to know if I could use regular milk. It tasted pretty good to me altho I’m sure half and half would have made it richer. Voila, I see lots of Milk Tea in our future!


1 Tea measure of Lipton Yellow Tea, into

1 empty tea bag.

1.75c hot water in a large mug

Steep 5 minutes

Fill a cup with ice

Add 1/2 packet nutrasweet

Add coffee

Add 1-2 tablespoons of 2pct milk


I love these empty tea bags. They are of course an essential if you buy tea in bulk. I get them at my local Daiso or Asian supermarket. To close, invert the fold like you would with a pillowcase. Daiso has really spoiled me in that I can’t bring myself to buy any Asian knick knack for more than $1.50. Daiso actually sells many items on Amazon but for much more than $1.50! Cannot!


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