Capri Blu (4S Ranch/Rancho Bernardo)

A nice upscale Italian when it’s too far to go to Filippis, and you want something nicer. On Thursday night this place was filling up with graduation parties. We were having our promotion party as Ms S is now an 8th grader!

Ms S always asks for her off-menu favorite – penne pasta with their fantastic bolognese sauce. DH went for the chicken today, the Pollo Capri Blue. The gorgonzola cream sauce was not too blue cheesy but the chicken was a little dry and the crust was too tough. 

I was trying to eat light today so I had the Carpaccio and the Bruschetta Toscana both of which were excellent. Although it is a little strange to have goat cheese on top of the bruschetta, and the tomatoes really needed more olive oil and garlic. It was still tasty.

Capri Blu also has a nice wine list but be warned it’s a bit pricey. I recall my favorites being $12-14. Someone I always feel like I am worth it!
Capri Blu
4S Commons Town Center, 10436 Craftsman Way #120, San Diego, CA 92127

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