So very full from our weekend of gluttony

As our weekend winds down, we think back over the glorious meals we enjoyed in San Gabriel. Every visit uncovers more hidden delights and there is much more to explore (Boiling Point hot pot may be next). The best things we ate this weekend in San Gabriel:
Kung Pao Chicken at Wang Xing Ji. Rich, spicy, textbook perfect. With extra Szechuan pepper. Don’t understand why we can’t find this quality in San Diego.  Maybe we have to get it at a Szechuan restaurant.
House Spicy Noodles with Pork at 101 Noodle Express. There was something really flavorful about these noodles, just can’t put my finger on it. And no, it wasn’t MSG. Raves up and down the table.
Spicy Beef Noodles at Shanghai Dumpling House. Meaty, rich, and spicy, with neat paper thin slices of beef (Pho like) that were easy to eat. Adults and kids alike loved this, even those that didn’t like spicy. In comparison, the spicy noodles at Wang Xing Ji were too spicy, too brash, and the beef was old and dried up.

Cucumbers – cold, spicy, crunchy. Great combination of texture and flavor!

Milk Tea (cold and hot) from Tea Station. We drank a lot of Milk Tea in a lot of places this weekend  and I decided the quality of the tea is what makes it great. It’s just black tea, milk, and sugar but a fragrant black tea lends delicate and complex overtones. I didn’t think I liked milk in my tea until I tried a first rate tea. We asked Ten Ren next door about the Tea Station tea – and were steered towards a tea that was only $10/lb and indeed smelled just right. $10/lb sounds like a lot, because you have no idea how much tea is in a quarter pound. Try about 2-3 cups of loose tea. For $2.50. Wow! We will be visiting one of the 3 Tea Stations in San Diego very, very soon.

San Gabriel Square
140 W Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 

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