Headed to Yosemite

Leaving San Diego on a Friday night to points northward is always a challenge as one either has to punch thru LA or Temecula. My buddy who used to live in Temecula said he sure didn’t miss this drive. Ha ha yeah thanks.
This weekends challenge is a storm blowing thru Yosemite. Does not seem like a big one in terms of snow depth but could make driving a challenge.
And then to make things really interesting, Mom hit something on the road tonight which caused the check engine light to come on. The engine is running rough and the mpg is down to 15 on the highway when it is normally 19-20. Funny thing is, it stopped after we got gas.
After some research, our guess is that it’s either the O2 sensor or a leaking hose, both of which are on the bottom of the car. The Bakersfield dealership is open at 8am so we’ll get a diagnosis then. With any luck we’ll be on our way in an hour.
Dinner tonight was at Pollo Loco by DD’s request. I’m kinda sick of their burritos but she loves their double chicken bowl.

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