Chocolateria San Gines (Madrid, Spain)

One of the most popular chocolate churro places in Madrid, Chocolateria San Gines has been serving since 1894. Really completely different from the churros we find in Southern California, these are crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside, with no cinnamon or sugar coating. The chocolate is very rich and thick and suitable for eating with a spoon after you finish dipping your churros. Neither are overly sweet – and a very refreshing change from typical American pastries.

The waiter, who had the most amazing biceps I’ve ever seen, balanced a tub filled with at least 50 cups and saucers on the fingertips of ONE hand. He returned carrying a tray of a dozen full chocolate cups and dozens of churros.
The rain came down, the line got longer, the tourists came and went. Another beautiful place to spend a few hours in Madrid.
To get there, turn off Calle del Arenal at the bookseller:

Chocolatería San Gines

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