Creme Brulee

I've lost track of how many undercooked Creme Brulees I've had. Too often they are soupy or like pudding. Properly cooked, it should be dense and your spoon or fork should leave a well defined mark in it.

We had a wonderful Creme Brulee at Flemings this week. We were using up a $25 coupon on a few steaks and a few glasses of wine (which honestly $25 barely made a dent against), and in a moment of weakness ordered dessert.

The custard was firm, full of vanilla (tons and tons of vanilla bean specks), and a perfect counterpoint to the crispy sugar crust.

Well done, Flemings! Your steaks are still overpriced, though.

(The Beef Carpaccio is unusually marbled, for carpaccio, but tender and served with a delicious drizzle)

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