Curry N More

Our very favorite Indian restaurant in San Diego is setting up a second location in Rancho Bernardo! Less than 5 miles from our house! Woooooo!

What we love about CNM are their unique home recipes like Jal Fresi (Samantha and Megan's favorite) and Murg Awadi Korma (my favorite), and the classically executed Chicken Mahkni (DH's favorite). I also love their Channa Masala chickpeas, and potatoes. You can watch them in the kitchen lashing their dishes with huge containers of heavy cream. The cooks are very consistent and the curries well seasoned and salted. My only surprise is that there seems to be no other world class Indian restaurant in San Diego! What happened? Ashoka (Miramar /Black Mountain) is no longer the crown jewel that it used to be. Does anyone have info to the contrary?

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