Last night, we put up Horin against another longtime favorite, Ozeki Karatamba “Dry Wave”. Horin is much heavier bodied whereas Karatamba is lighter and dryer (+7). Which is what we prefer. Karatamba is the winner!
Just as with wine, every restaurant that has a cold sake list, has a very short one that changes frequently, so you can never expect to find your favorite anywhere.  So sad. One exception is the very widely distributed Takara Sho Chiko Bai Classic (+3), another favorite of ours.
Or I could be confusing this one with Sho Chiku Bai Ginjo Premium (+3) which is also quite easy to find.

Look at this! Sho Chiku Bai Extra Dry (+7)!  How can we not have seen this before??

Kikusui (+1) in the beautiful blue bottle is similarly dry and delicious.
While researching sake tonight, I ran across which has some reviews (only a few Gekkeikan sake reviews?) but their reviewer’s lists of favorite sakes (Mei, and Lynette) deserves some careful research and investigation.

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