Singapore-style noodles with chicken, peppers & basil….and a Mark Bittman cookbook giveaway!!

Ha ha, here's a review of a review of a recipe and a cookbook!

I love Singapore and eating food in Singapore but I just am not a huge fan of Singapore noodles. Probably because I love Thai and Indian curries better. However if I could make Singapore noodles, at home, easily, and if my DD might eat them, well then I could overlook all that and get off my high horse. is full of great recipes. We're trying to cook at home more and are desperate for great meals that take like, five minutes to make. We've also noticed that certain packaged foods like Knorr Taco Rice and Kraft Mac N Cheese (which used to be standbys in our house, don't judge, DD was in grade school) have changed their formulation over the last year. They used to taste bad-good but now they just taste bad-bad. I think they are cheaping out on their ingredients. So now we'd better figure out how to make them from scratch.

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