This blog is meant to be a better way to capture our travel experiences in a way that others can share. Fellow travellers are looking for guideposts and specifics – restaurant and hotel names, vendor and venue details, itinerary ideas, and all the pro-tips that we had to learn the hard way. Besides the personal enrichment that travel brings, that value gets multiplied a hundred fold when you can share that information so that others can benefit.  Travelling for travelling’s sake just isn’t enough for me, and almost feels selfish. Now we can put all those restaurant pics and selfies to work.  What I will call the “utility value” of travelling.
The title of this blog is a combination of Vagabonding and Wandering.  Vaga-wandering. Travel to me is wandering and exploration, drinking in everything that is new, and not knowing exactly what is coming next.   When I was a kid, my Dad would take us on “vagabonding” vacations in our old Six Pac truck camper where the only goal was to see what was around the next bend.  We once took a long winding trip thru Nevada and Utah to Yellowstone back in the 70’s and I spent much of the trip looking down the highway thru the tiny wind vent in the back of the camper behind the driver, with the wind in my hair.  I get this same feeling everytime I go Somewhere New.  It’s exhilarating and exciting to go Somewhere New. Especially if you don’t really know what you will find when you get there. And I start to itch when I’ve sat at home for too long.
So…where are we going next?

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