Cambodia/Angkor Wat teaser

Last year we visited my #1 bucket list destination, Angkor Wat in Cambodia.  It was a truly unforgettable trip and I plan to post a travelogue for the trip.  One thing holding me back is that upon return, in the process of uploading all the photos off my phone…they all got deleted.  Every single picture between July and December.  Cambodia, Shanghai, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Seattle, Santa Barbara, and everything in between. My Samsung Galaxy S6 failed me.  The camera was SO good I was using it for every photo.  No, I was not backing up to the cloud because my use case does not work for cloud backup. Uploading 1-2GB of photos every night over spotty hotel Wifi…not going to work. My phone would never catch up.  So I didn’t have it configured and somehow when I went to transfer the photos to my computer at home, I deleted before I realized not all of the pictures had transferred over.  I believe the photos are still in memory but until the S6 is rootable, these files are totally inaccessible.

So the bottom line is, I have (only) a dozen of my photos, and all of DH’s photos. 
I promise I will post the tale … soon.

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